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Our Work in the Horn of Africa


As Frankincense resin plays such an important role in our culture, we have been heavily involved in working to prevent the destruction of the frankincense industry in Northern Somalia. Find out more about the work we do here.


Hekima Cycle

Girls living in rural areas of Tanzania often have trouble getting an education, as they live many miles away from the nearest school. To solve this challenge, we purchase and restore bikes for these girls and teach them how to ride, giving them the ability to travel to school more easily and more often.


Using our extensive network of East African people living in the UK, we have organised multiple fundraising drives to address specific issues in the Horn of Africa. Including raising money to fund schools, tuition and healthcare.

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Somaliland - Women Integrated Network

We have also collected funds to send to an organisation in Somaliland called Women’s Integrated Network (WIN). These funds are used to facilitate women-lead community groups that enable them to have a say in their local communities.

Emayani Foundation

We currently support a Tanzanian organisation called Emayani which trains and supports local female entrepreneurs. We help them plan and deliver projects, as well as supporting them with funds and donations. Find out more about the great work they do here.

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